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In Hear Me Rawr: B-Side, you play as Cutezilla, an adorable monster trying to overcome hordes of mechanimals (and get a killer score while he's at it.) It would be your every day arcade runner, except for one thing: you control Cutezilla's attacks with your voice! Babble, screech, and RAWR your way to victory!

High pitch = Fireball (top row attack)
Mid pitch = Swipe (middle row attack)
Low pitch = Stomp (bottom row attack)

Challenge your friends and see who can get the highest score! (If you don't have friends, play in public and you'll definitely make some!)

Hear Me Rawr: B-Side was created as a submission for Summer Slow Jams #3, Alternative Control Schemes / The Illusion of Control. Let us know how we did and make sure to check out the other awesome #summerslowjams games on itch.io!


HearMeRawrBSide.zip 53 MB


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Maybe it's just me but the download isn't working. Looks like a cool game though!

Hi RetroBros!

Sorry for the late reply. We just checked the download, and it seems to be working. We also unzipped the file and ran it, and that seemed to work as well. Are you having an issue with the download link, or are you having an issue getting it to run properly? If it's the latter, do you have a microphone plugged in and enabled before trying to run the game?

We're still working on the game; so we'll have an update coming along at some point. Hopefully that'll work for you! We're also working on an Android APK.

Thanks! We hope we can get this resolved for you!

Team Drogulisk